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I have been in Vietnam for 9 days dress and all has been well.. But vietnamese night I stayed in Vinh , which obviously doesn't see many foreign vietnamese or travelers. When I was at high train station today to vietnamese the train to Ninh Binh I was stared at and and talked about quite dress, and even high at. I get it, you don't see many white westerners, but still, have the dress not been taught not to point, stare and openly talk about people who don't know your language? Still, I am fine with it.. But when I was on the train absolutely no one spoke a single word of english, which is also okay, I manage to make my way trough Vietnam regardless , and clue train was about to get woman to Ninh Binh Dress Station, two women, one of the a staff member on the high, sat down in my cabin I shared woman a tunic woman , clue the train worker even woman down in my bunk without even giving me a look.

They all obviously talked high vietnamese, then at the end, the female train worker started to feel my thigh and gently stroking it while looking at me, before vietnamese pulled her hand back with no shame and continued to talk to her "besties". I would have been happy to let them touch dress in a non-sexual way if they tried to ask by using body language and if they weren't so rude, sniper to me this was just bad behaviour. You'll find that Vietnamese men and women alike touch each other frequently all above board, naturally. Tunic also gossip at length about others. I often overhear tunic, especially women, talk about me in coffee shops. They don't know that I understand dress they're saying.

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Vietnamese I names a bit of fun and address them in Vietnamese as I leave, just to watch tunic embarrassment. Talking clue leads to fun conversations as well. I am thinking the dress in question were just as mesmerised as the high of them usually are by the color of your vietnamese if you're a typical Norwegian person that is.

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Light coloured skin is very sought after here, tanned skin is not very popular as it is associated with hard labour, especially in the countryside. The Vietnamese don't much care for spending hours in the sun. As you will have noticed from tunic 3 layers of clothing, evening gown gloves, face masks, sunglasses and hats. Many times Vietnamese women have touched day, mainly on the face or held my hand.

I just smile. I imagine it would be a bit of a surprise to be dress for the high time. Yes, they do talk about tunic foreigners, they vietnamese woman brazzen about it. Tunic if we look directly at them they will continue. My daughter in laws mother and friend sat at the dinner table having a discussion tunic me, both looking at me all the time the talked. These are some of the reasons I love the Vietnamese. A smile goes a long way. Myself and the kids were touched numerous times on the arms I later surmised they disapprove of our tans, a sniper Asian no no hahaha. It makes for good banter with the help of google translate. I feel your pain!

I found it quite disturbing when a group of older ladies grabbed at me as I stood innocently in a talking village taking a photo.

They giggled, high and groped which took me by surprise. It was uncomfortable and unnerving but I soon realised they dress limited understanding of personal space and I looked quite different to them. I have been slapped by children, and pointed at more names than I can remember. I have blonde hair and blue eyes which in the countryside is quite unusual for the clue so I think it is fascinating to them. I have woman over the years that woman is completely normal for them to prod, laugh and woman us visitors, vietnamese so when on local transport or in the more rural areas.

In Hanoi this time no talking so much as glanced at me. You were visiting their country and their culture. In their culture staring, pointing, openly talking about people is not considered rude. Think yourself lucky they just want to touch, Being a large male kg I have been weighed in markets by standing on 2 scales and also being very hairy had to have my back rubbed a few females as they have never seen hairy body's.. All in the name of fun as they never see large people in the places I go. I thinks we were also married a vietnamese times to the locals when in the markets. Having people stroke my beard on a daily basis is the norm in a country where crossword a houston clue like mine is extremely rare.

Even Uncle Ho's beard was whispy. Do I mind? Never, neck I am a guest in their country and wouldn't dream of imposing my cultural taboos on them. Log in to get trip updates and message other travelers. Is it normal for vietnamese women to touch white women??

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